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Squall proudly provides an end-to-end media platform for targeted news, advertising and publishing.

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Squall has been a successful publisher of online news content since 2001. Driven by the belief that responsible, accurate journalism matters, we actively support Canada’s news community.

We use our custom Squall media platform to maintain targeted and timely B2B news sites that keep industry leaders informed. We help advertisers reach key audiences and grow their brands through affordable, focused ad programs — and put business-transforming tools and processes in online news publishers’ hands. At Squall, we continue to innovate and explore, always seeking new ways to meet readers’ needs and respond to market realities while upholding the highest editorial and advertising standards.

We are Squall: built for the future of news.

Unbeatable experience

The Squall team is made up of experienced professionals from across the media, sales and technology fields.

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Ann White

Founder and CEO

Staff 1

Don Wilcox

Managing Editor

Staff 1

Allan Shifman

Business Editor

Staff 1

Tyler Choi

Business Reporter

Staff 1

Simon Rideout

National Account Executive

Staff 1

Cassandra Briscoe

Marketing Coordinator

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