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B2B news

Squall’s custom content management system and proven business model give news publishers a platform for long-term success.

News publishing from end to end

Our platform gives online news publishers the same tools and practices that have made Squall a thriving digital-only news provider since 2001. We provide training to help editorial teams use our platform effectively, while our advertising sales and marketing services support each publication’s financial well-being.

Committed to innovation from the start, we use advanced online business systems and maintain an in-house IT team — two of the many reasons we have earned an 80% digital maturity score from the Canada Digital Adoption Program.

Made for B2B news content

Our proprietary content management system is designed to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized B2B news publishers. More than 50 software integrations give editorial teams the tools to post and manage content with good editorial process and deliver ad programs to support a successful business.

A business model that delivers

On-site registration, paywalls and paid subscriber accounts often keep readers from accessing online news content. Squall’s advertising-based business model avoids those barriers and eliminates the need for publishers to manage sensitive payment card information.

We do publishing differently

With a focused, innovative publishing platform built exclusively for B2B news sites, Squall stands out in the online media space. We work closely with the publishers who use our platform, helping them succeed through editorial, sales and marketing support.

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